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Suburban Embedded supplies a true end to end development process for customers including software, electronics, and mechanical design. Our team specializes in electronics development for the marine and aerospace environments.


Suburban Embedded was created to advance the level of autonomous control in vehicles and systems that interact with the world. Our mission is to develop reliable systems that maximize modularity and flexibility to help our customers deliver on their ideas and investments.


Our hardware/software projects include: 6kW FOC Motor Controller, a 75V stackable (to 750V) battery management board, and several system-on-module single-board-computer projects.

Our software projects include: USB CDC stack USB Bootloader, Support for execute from RAM, RTOS integration, Object pool for FreeRTOS, Condition variable for FreeRTOS, RTOS aware peripheral drivers.


We are Jacob, Matt, and Nick. Three tech industry specialists who banded together to provide  engineering design services for the aerospace, robotics, and marine markets.

Who We Are

Suburban Embedded provides reliable turnkey solutions for embedded systems in all types of manned and unmanned products. Our history in electronics, real-time software, and remote sensing allows us to intuitively understand our customer’s complex needs. Through our experience and technical library we are able to quickly choose efficient solutions to help our customers succeed.



  • Electronics design

  • Electronics manufacturing

  • PCB layout

  • Mechatronics design

  • Multitude of Platforms and architectures

  • Software Tools

  • Embedded software

  • Peripheral interface and networking

Previous Customer Projects

150A ESC w/ CAN bus

Quad-coptor Electronics

Traditional Aerospace


Meet The Team

Jacob Schloss
Matt Moldovan
Nick Wernicke
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