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Nimble tailored solutions that work the first time,


Electronics design

DC/DC Conversion - Buck, Boost, Forward

Power Control - Anti-spark, ideal diode OR

Analog control - CC Battery Charging, digital current source, electronic load, filtering, gain/addition/subtraction/multiplication

Motor Controllers

Smart Battery

Remote Sensors

Compute Boards and System-on-Module

Bluetooth and RF modules


PCB Layout

High Speed processor and memory

High Density (0402, 0201 passives, no silkscreen)

Power Electronics

Multi-layer, blind via, buried via, micro via

BGA breakout

Flex Circuit

Aluminum PCB

Altium 3D pcb design


Electronics Manufacturing Specialist

Design for Mass Production

Part Procurement

Offshoring or onshore vendor management

BOM management cost consciousness

Experience with a variety of Asian and American Manufacturing facilities


Mechatronics Design

Integrated sensor assemblies 

Enclosure design and pcb fitment

Mounting structure


Wiring harness design and wiring optimization

Mechanical design tolerance for proper fitment

Material Design Experience: 

  • Metals: Aluminum, Steel, Brass

  • Composites: Fibreglass, Carbon, Kevlar

  • Plastics: ABS, PLA, POM

  • Rubber: Neoprene, FKM

Design for Manufacturing Processes: 

  • 3D CNC mill, lath, 3D Printing

  • 2D Sheet metal bending, welding, laser, plasma, water cut

  • Composite pre-preg and wet lay

  • Injection molding, jet molding


Software Tools

  • CMake for multi-component cross architecture projects


  • GDB, Valgrind, Intel Inspector

  • Git, Mercurial, SVN

  • Python, Matlab

  • Unix tools


Peripheral Interface and networking

  • CAN 2.0A, 2.0B, FD

  • Ethernet

  • USB 1.1, 2.0 FS, 2.0 HS

  • WiFi, Bluetooth, LoraWAN

  • Serial, RS232/422/485

  • Communication schema generators, ASN.1, google protobuf


Embedded Software

Driver API design

USB 2.0 HS device stack

CAN 2.0B, CAN FD, J1939, CANopen, UAVCAN

Operating system integration

OpenRTOS, ChibiOS, Nuttx

C++ OpenRTOS utilities

Thread-aware asynchronous hardware drivers

Multi-threaded applications

Cross platform & architecture software library


Platforms & Architectures

  • x86, ARM, PowerPC, Atmel AVR

  • STM32, MPC57xx, ATMega16, ATXMega128

  • PIC16, PIC32 MIPS code re-write for STM32 or other ARM


  • Vehicle architecture

    • Power system architecture

      • Batteries

      • Power supply

      • Powertrain

    • Communications architecture

    • System motherboards

    • Wire harness design

    • Prototype builds

  • Software

    • Embedded real-time control

    • Low level board support packages

    • HMI, GUI

    • USB, CAN, Ethernet, TCP/IP

    • Robotics

    • Cloud & cluster computing

    • Linux, Windows

    • Software porting

    • Cross platform / Cross architecture

Previous Customer Projects

150A w/ CAN bus

Quad-coptor System Board

Kmax software