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Get to know Matt


Matt Moldovan


Matt is a licensed professional mechanical engineer through the California board for professional engineers with over a decade of experience in the Marine Industry. He has years of experience in product engineering, design, development, and support. He has a patent for an autonomous profiling winch for use on moving boats and a patent for a coaxial propeller drive system for use on unmanned aerial vehicles.  


In the water, Matt was the lead engineer of the Oceanographic Observatories Initiative at Scripps Institute of Oceanography, a multimillion-dollar project for the design and implementation of 12 subsurface oceanographic moorings around the Americas. While at Scripps he lead and implemented novel technology developments including a moored profiling winch, a moored tectonic monitoring system, and a bi-directional communications system from an unmanned glider to a mooring in the open ocean. He has been on over twenty global oceanographic cruises and numerous coastal cruises and knows the harsh environments products must survive.


Matt graduated from the University of Austin at Texas with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering.  You can find him in the water surfing San Diego or climbing in the high desert to inspire the next great product design.

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